Feb 272012

L-RodsThis workshop is taught periodically throughout the year.  Keep an eye on this page for specific dates. 

We are energy beings living in a world of energy. We change the subtle energy fields around us with every thought, action, and emotion and can expand or contract those fields instantly without realizing it.   This workshop takes the ancient art of dowsing to a new level….that of Spiritual Dowsing.

Spiritual Dowsing helps us to access information that is not normally available to the conscious mind or seen by the physical eye. The energy characteristics within each life form or physical object creates a unique energetic signature that can be detected by Spiritual Dowsing.  This form of physical mediumship, when applied correctly, can help you to find lost objects, locate the energy fields of people & animals and even detect spiritual beings in your presence.

The more we understand what is going on energetically behind the scenes in life, the more we can effectively coordinate with the process.  Dowsing with L-rods can be a powerful tool to explore the world of subtle energies and to understand how we are intimately a part of the grand design of life.

In this experiential workshop, you will:

  • Gain hands-on experience using dowsing rods to physically show an individual’s energy field and how it instantly expands or contracts according to one’s thoughts
  • Look for fields of detrimental energy and learn how to change those fields to beneficial energy
  • Learn how to detect and measure the etheric, astral, mental and spiritual bodies of people
  • Detect the presence of Spirit Guides, loved ones and pets

Dowsing rods are necessary in order to fully participate in this workshop.  Professional L-rods will be available at the workshop to borrow or purchase for those who don’t already have a set.

 February 27, 2012  Posted by  Past Workshops