Benu Topics T – 2007 to 2019


Tapping Into the Power Within – April 21, 2012

Don’t hide from the chaos around you. Utilize the ultimate power that resides within you. Through daily prayer and meditation you connect with the “real you”, to your connectedness to Prime Source, to your eternal self. Learn to dump the “tribal consciousness” that only spreads the fear, and tap into the infinite power within. When you tap into your soul energy, your inner Divine Light, everything is possible. Humans create the illusion of fear and chaos, and humans will change it!

Tapping Into Universal Energy and Indigo Wisdom – March 15, 2008

We must learn to balance our “golden” wisdom (feeling and sensing) with our “indigo” wisdom (thinking and problem solving).  The energy needed to create this balance is the Universal Energy (the unlimited energy of the God force) which is everywhere around us. We are beginning to remove all the barriers that we’ve learned since childhood which block the natural flow of this Energy, so that  we can fully access all the potential that is ours for the asking.

The 3 F’s: Faith, Forgiveness, Fortitude – January 12, 2008

Our faith in the absolute divinity, the perfection of all creation, and of   our own perfection, is the bridge to eternity. Our faith is diminished every time we fail to forgive ourselves and others. Through our fortitude, we face life’s endless challenges each day — with faith in divine perfection, and a willingness to forgive all transgressions (especially our own).

The Architecture of the Universe – March 3, 2012

Most people have no idea what angels actually do. They are all working for Prime Source to assist all life on every dimension — in every universe. You  are gradually learning to detach from tribe, tradition, and expectations, and angels are assisting you in this journey. Archangel Raphael refers to Earth as      the Disneyland of spiritual growth because the challenges and the choices         are unlimited. Know that you are always surrounded by helpers: angels,   guardian angels, spirit guides, and many other spiritual beings. You’re here to let go of fear and of judgement, and you are helped every step of the way.

The Female Aspect of God on Earth – August 18, 2012

We need to incorporate more feminine energy into ourselves and into our  society in order to allow for the birth of greater change, of greater spiritual growth.  Balanced energy is the energy of Prime Source, and all the  great masters. By honoring both masculine and feminine energy, you enter the oneness. It’s not about power — it’s about balance. Divine flow requires both. By blending these energies together, you are expanding unconditional  love within and without. Remember — you are a perfect child of God. Be  complete within yourself. Empower yourself.

The Most Powerful Energy On Earth: The Christed Energy – December 15, 2007

All of you were created from the Christed Energy, which permeates everything, on every planet, in every universe. Never before have humans  expressed such an amazing awareness of this gift — the Divine Presence. The Christed Energy is in all things. All that you crave is in this embodiment of  Prime Source. When you spread this energy to those who have lost their faith in God’s love, you are changing the planet. Create world peace by first recognizing the Christed Energy within yourself.  Be the blessing you were created to be!

The Next Step- Adapting To Sudden Change – April 5, 2008

In a time of increasing change and both political and social chaos, we need to be more flexible than ever. The first thing is not to panic, breathe deeply, and let all of our doubts and anxieties flow through us. Detach from tribe. The media seeks to exacerbate fears because fear sells. Focus on always being positive in your thoughts and choices. Live the fullness of life within the Chaos. Change is part of the Divine Plan. Believe and trust in Prime Source knowing that “it is given to you according to your beliefs.” Listen to your inner guidance, not the voices of doom and gloom. Be not of it!

The Pain of Separation and the Joy of Reunion – November 7, 2009

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The Power of Intention – August 8, 2015

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The Power of Prayer – November 12, 2016

Benu speaks about the power of prayer in our everyday lives and what we can do to be the master of our fate.  There was a lot of discussion about the results of the presidential election and how we can move forward if we have doubts about the direction of the leadership of our country.  This is an enlightening view of current issues going on in our country.

The Role of the Guardian Angel – November 3, 2018

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The Silence of Spiritual Growth – May 2, 2009

Ascension is a never-ending story, not a one-time event.  We enter the silence in order to see through life’s illusions.  Silence allows you to see beyond the drama, the chaos.  Meditate!  Bring the silence with you throughout the day.  You are a gifted, energy being.  Silence puts you in touch with who you really are.  Open the door to God’s unconditional love.  Human’s aren’t created to be perfect.  They’re on Earth to learn.  Be curious.  If you enter into the silence each day, you will flow more freely through life’s challenges.

The True Meaning of Christmas – December 16, 2019

Areas covered in this workshop are:
• Do people in the Spirit World celebrate Christmas?
• What are Jesus, Mother Mary and Joseph doing these days in the Spirit World?
• Have they incarnated since their lifetime 2,000 years ago?
• What month was Jesus actually born?
• Why did Jesus come to the Earth 2,000 years ago?
• When did the Wise Men actually come to visit Jesus and what was the reason for their visit?
• Do a lot of people once they have made their transition, look Jesus up to meet and worship him?
• What is the real meaning of Christmas for those of us on the Earth?

The Truth About Auras – April 18, 2009

Every thought is an energy first.  We are here on the Earth to show love and compassion.  Benu talks about the motivation of the group Isis in the Middle East and how we can use the vibration of thought to help them to grow.  The more you love and extend love, the more the energy changes our planet.

The Vibration of Thought – July 16, 2016

Every thought is an energy first.  Benu talks about the motivation of the Isis group in the Middle East.  He says we can use the vibration of thought to help them to grow.  We are here on the Earth to share love and compassion.  The more you live and extend love, the more the energy changes on our planet.

Thinking About It Won’t Do It – November 17, 2012

Life is not just a period for spiritual philosophizing. Live your Truth!  Don’t follow others, but trust in your own inner intuition. Step up to the plate. Focus on what you wish the world to be, and go out and change it. You don’t need to fix the world (leave that up to Prime Source), but contribute to the well-being of others. Don’t just sit on the sidelines. Be a Doer!  (Meditation is a form of Doing) Life is about participating, not just thinking about it. Create wonder, beauty, joy!

Thrive With the Earth Changes – May 5, 2012

We are living in a time when the weather is totally unpredictable, the political and social issues seem unsolvable, and the fear level is near its peak. While we tend to resist change in our lives, we’re clearly in midst of it. In order to “thrive within the changes” we need more than ever to trust in God, trust in ourselves, and eliminate fear in our lives. Learn from the chaos around you. Embrace life! Embrace change! And remember that love will get you through all that life throws at you.

Tools to Overcome Fear in Changing – March 3, 2012

Remember that positive verbiage changes the vibration in the chaotic times that you’re living in. You must learn to let go of the fear, appreciate each other, and extend your love to everyone. Make a difference one thought at a time. Live in the now; fear is always about the future.  When we forgive, we  are letting go of the baggage that is weighing us down.  If it doesn’t serve you, let it go! Like it or not, change is here. You can either “go with the flow”, or live in fear. Breathe and relax. Play more. Live now. Don’t wait!

Trust – September 15, 2012

Learn to trust Prime Source and to trust yourself, rather than placing your trust in those who want you to place your trust only in them. Political and religious leaders gain their power by convincing you to give away your personal power and place your trust only in them. Your willingness to change will have a domino effect on others, as people recognize that they don’t need to follow the “tribe”, the media, their      gurus. Affirm your perfection, your ability to create change. Trust in the divine and miracles will happen.