Benu Topics B to D – 2007 to 2019


Be Positive – May 16, 2010

The more that you can be positive in your thoughts, words, actions, and belief systems, the better life will flow for you. Limit life’s challenges!  Even amidst the chaos, maintaining a positive vibration allows you to deal with life’s adversities with minimal effects. You create the atmosphere around you. Being positive changes everything – including your health. Choose who you want to be!

Be An Original – February 16, 2008

For many lifetimes you’ve been told that you’re part of a tribe, because it’s much easier to control you. In the very beginning when God created all the souls, each soul was unique. There were no clones. Over many millions of years we’ve given this uniqueness away. We keep trying to fit in with everyone else. Though it is natural to bond with people with like interests,  always remember who you are as a unique soul. Don’t depend on the opinions of others. Prime Source didn’t create followers. You are the masterpieces of God. Live your life as a celebration of your originality.

Be Attitudes – May 18, 2008

This is about being who you really are — the sons and daughters of  God. The “Be Attitudes” are the true essence of who you are as souls.  “Blessed are the meek.” Being meek isn’t being a wimp. The real strength in life is quiet, loving, and supportive. You are the emissaries  of God, the peacemakers. When you say “I’m just being me” you are really saying “I am being with God.” Find peace within you. Know that you are embraced by God. Just Be!

Be Aware in the Now – July 16, 2011

When you focus so much on the chaos around you you’re unable to remain focused on the Now. You can only eliminate the chaos in your life when you are living in the moment. You need to dump the “what ifs.” If we’re caught up in our worries about the future, we have forgotten that future moments are only created in this one. Be completely in the flow of divine right timing, not yours, not society’s. Don’t let fear control you. The more that you’re in the now, the more you truly trust yourself. How are you making a difference today?  Life is like an ice cream cone: savor every moment!

Becoming the You That You Choose to Be, Not What Others Expect – July 19, 2008

You are all born into the “tribe” of family, each member with a preconceived idea of who you should become.  While we naturally feel the need to fulfill the expectations of our parents, our life will be unfulfilled if we don’t choose to live according to our own passions, our own dreams. We create stress in ourselves if we seek only to please              others. It’s not selfish to follow your heart, your destiny. When we ully express ourselves without limits, we are fully expressing God within. Life is an adventure. Follow your dreams!

Believe in a God That Believes In You – October 20, 2007

This is something you need to do every day — forgive and let it go. Don’t carry life’s baggage with you. Forgive the person, even though you totally       disapprove of the act. Forgiveness is the way to enlightenment because it is an expression of unconditional love. Being on Earth means learning from challenges, though these lessons can be made more gentle through meditation and prayer. You must learn to forgive yourself first. Eliminate all        judgements from your life. If you want to become “enlightened”,  let go of the heavy baggage!

Beyond Numerology – July 20, 2010

This planet, this universe, this entire cosmos is based on mathematical  equations. So is your entire molecular structure. Every single number has a vibration connected to it. Every single thing in nature is regulated according  to numerology. So your personal numerology numbers are just a very tiny drop in the vast ocean of numerical connections.  Everything is mathematically equated according to divine flow.  It’s all divinely  orchestrated. Look beyond what numerology says that you should do.  By being in the divine flow you will be in the numerical order of all life.

Breath of Life, Faith and Connection – April 16, 2011

It’s easy to have faith when everything is going well, when there are no challenges.  That’s why it is so necessary to breathe into life amidst all of the chaos.  Feel your connectedness to Prime Source.  Realize that you are immortal, a perfect creation of unconditional love.  The powerful energy of your heart connects you to all of life — life on Earth, and life on every planet throughout all the galaxies. Live your truth, not someone else’s.  Celebrate your connection to God, and to all creation.  Breath deeply of life, of love, and of the oneness.  Be in the flow of life!

Chakras: Understanding Energy & Connection to the Source – November 20, 2011

Our traditional view of the chakras is antiquated, limited to 3d dimensional thinking.  Chakras are both inside and all around the physical body, on every dimension. Everything is the vibration of energy, which is why we are beings of light.  The vibrations of the chakras throughout the cosmos are vibrating through us. We are just beginning to awaken to who we really are.  Utilize these infinite energies. Know that there is no limit to who you can be. When we feel these energies we are feeling God. Embrace these energies — for they are here to serve you. Awaken to who you really are!

Change & Keeping a Safe Haven Within – November 5, 2011

You’ve all been asking for change on this planet and are in the midst of the challenges that change creates. Don’t expect stability in your lives during this  period of chaos. Choose to live in the Now. Letting go of your doubts and fears raises you above the chaos. Be the change that you choose for the Earth.  Remember — everyone is good enough, unconditionally loved by God — no exceptions! Go beyond the limits that others have set for you.  Express life by doing it. Let go of all the baggage of the past that is holding you back.  Embrace change! Live; Laugh; Love!

Choose and Stick With It – May 21, 2011

Choose is a strong vibratory word. The word want includes doubt. Both choosing and manifesting require real focus, not simply a fleeting desire.  Don’t use words that defeat yourself. When you choose, always keep it positive. Only choose the best for yourself, and stay focused. Hold on to your power — hold the thought. Believe in a God that believes in you, and always believe in yourself. Stick with what you choose each and every moment.   Follow your heart, your passion, and don’t be dependent on the opinions of others. What matters is — what do you choose?

Dancing With the Angels – January 31, 2009

Over the centuries you’ve forgotten to dance. You need to embrace the dance of life. You need to get back into the flow of life. Don’t be stuck   in this 3rd dimension. You are not limited to this dimension. You are beings of energy. Join the dance of the celestial spheres, of unconditional love, of the divine flow. Everyone’s dance is unique.  Help teach others how to be free to express the fullness of life. Choose the dance of life, the infinite energy of life.

Dealing With the New Empathic Self – April 19, 2008

By gifting you with an empathic level of 200%, Prime Source is showing extreme trust in your abilities as humans. For thousands of years you’ve   been convinced that you are “less than” — even taught that you were born with “original sin”. Today you are far less willing to buy into these ideas, so Prime Source feels that you are ready for this empathic expansion. You will need to learn how to balance the mental body with the empathic body so that your new emotions don’t overwhelm you. The more awake you are, the more you are sensitive to the emotions of others. Be patient! Breathe!  Meditate!

Divine Blessings are Always There – July 13, 2019

               Narrative will be coming soon

Divine Partnership With God – May 3, 2008

You were all created to be in partnership with God, to be in the “image and likeness” of absolute, unconditional love. God is as close to you as you chose.  Experience all of life, and share it with God. Be the unique individual that you want to be, not someone’s expectation of you. Be a child of God, not a child of man. Realize your own divinity, your own oneness. Earth is a hands-on experience, a perfect learning environment. Follow your passion. You      have unconditional support. Own your own divinity!

DNA – Divine Natural Awareness – November 17, 2007

Remember that positive verbiage changes the vibration in the chaotic times that you’re living in. You must learn to let go of the fear, appreciate each other, and extend your love to everyone. Make a difference one thought at a time. Live in the now; fear is always about the future. When we forgive, we are letting go of the baggage that is weighing us down.  If it doesn’t serve you, let it go! Like it or not, change is here. You can either “go with the flow”, or live in fear. Breathe and relax. Play more. Live now. Don’t wait!