Benu Topics A – 2007 to 2019


A Kinship With All Life – July 21, 2012

Each animal has its own level of awareness, and its behavior is largely a reflection of human expectations over the centuries. We need to understand that all creatures have a right to be here, and that every living thing is created in the image and likeness of God — not just humans. We’re all in   this together. Honor all life of Earth. Animals pick up energy from humans, while humans are really just learning to utilize their intuition more. We need to connect to all living creatures, to learn from them. Love is the energy of creation. Animals teach us unconditional love. Learn to love; learn to live.

A Revealing Look at Revelations – October 17, 2009

The Book of Revelations as it was originally written was meant to be revealing — not apocalyptic. Like almost all the writings of the Bible, it has been interpreted and re-written by many people — bringing fear to the readers, not love or inspiration. It was a prophecy concerning the spiritual   future that you are experiencing today. It’s not about the “end times” but about the “beginning”. Never doubt the voice of Prime Source within you – not through books, not through religions. Revelations is really about the revealing the true self, an awakening of the soul.

A Single Light Dispels the Darkness – 1 CD – Q & A Portion -November 4, 2017 

Narrative to be available soon

A Slip in Time – June 19, 2011

You’ve grown up with the belief system that time is linear. It’s actually the furthest thing from linear that you can get. Time is an illusion that humans have created for Earth. Know that there is always enough time because you  have created it. Moving through time is not nearly as difficult as you think it is, but you’ve been taught that time is immutable. Time works with you when you choose it to. But belief that it can always comes first. Remember, you’re in charge if you choose to create it.  Jeshua mastered the slip in time so that he was able to teach throughout the world at the same time. You can too!

A Step Into the Twighlight Zone – February 19, 2012

The Twilight Zone refers to the period of quiet and serenity between the periods of dusk and dawn. (Often in the middle of the night!) This is a time of peacefulness, of nurturing energy, to replenish the soul. It’s a time to reconnect to your higher self through meditation and prayer.  There is great clarity at 3AM, a sense of total oneness. By embracing  the twilight, you balance your own energies, and the energies of the entire Earth.

Affecting Change:  Be the Change you Wish to Be – February 18, 2012

You are creating the changes that you see around you, despite the fact that you find many of them uncomfortable. You need to get out of the way and allow the change to flow, or you’ll go through life “kicking and screaming.”  You chose to come back because more change is needed on the planet. Choose to experience change in a divinely balanced way.  Be the change!  You are part of Prime Source. The amount of love you have for yourself changes    the world. It is your love and support that changes all of humanity in all timelines. Live it! Be it! Change yourself; change the planet!

An Update on Earth Changes – 1 CD – Q & A Only – March 9, 2019

Benu talks about many of the long predicted Earth changes and how they are progressing.  We are seeing some of the changes now in terms of more earthquakes, flooding and hurricanes.  Though only the Question and Answer hour recorded properly, it was during this time that Benu actually spoke of Earth changes.

Are You Getting Over It or Under It – November 20, 2010

Life’s challenges right now can become overwhelming, so it is very important for individuals to deal with their baggage. Don’t end up “under the bus” but float over it. You need to address your self-esteem issues. It’s not just about forgiving others, but about learning to forgive yourself. Don’t hold onto guilt. Let the past go so that you can fully live in the Now. Don’t become a victim of the chaos. You’re in charge of your life! Be happy; be joyful; be in gratitude!

Are You There Yet? – February 2, 2008

You are achieving more spiritual growth in this time-space than ever before because it is imperative that you do. Otherwise, you could not deal with all the chaos around you. You are all here on Divine assignment. It is your love and energy that keep this planet from self-destructing. You’re helping create divine balance. You are spreading the truth by actually living it, not talking about it. You are unfolding to the full glory of your creation, your soul’s potential.

Are You Walking the Rhythm of Life? – April 24, 2010

Even in the midst of all of life’s challenges, all of the chaos, you can be walking in the rhythm of life. By living in the now you will be able to more easily move with the flow. In this time of so many stresses, so much drama, you need to become more flexible. Be grateful. Find the joy of life amidst the challenges. As you breathe in the light, you chase out the darkness — so that you feel your connection to Prime Source. With your increasing empathic  rate it’s easy to buy into everyone else’s drama. You need to let go of all of the fears of this illusion. By trusting Prime Source you’ll be in the flow of life.

Area 49 Revisited – August 20, 2011

While nearly everyone is familiar with “Area 51”, very few have heard of “Area 49”: a sacred site of exceedingly high vibration that is located in the Sandia mountain range of New Mexico, and completely invisible to the human eye. While “Area 51” is a highly restricted government / military site often associated with aliens and secret projects, “Area 49” is actually millions of years old, and was created by highly evolved beings for interaction with a large number of alien species, a sanctuary of higher dimensions, and a source of spiritual energy for the benefit of all. It is a place of peace, tranquility, and joy.

Astronomy / Astrology: Going Beyond What You Know – September 18, 2010

Astrology is only based on what exists in this galaxy, and there is so much more out there. As a result, astrological charts create limits to our lives.  The cosmos continues to expand unceasingly. Remember, you are one with Prime Source, one with the universe, so you are a co-creator of this expanding cosmos. We are exploring our potential both in inner-space and outer-space. Follow your inner knowingness. Go beyond limit. No chart can begin to express the totality of this amazing universe, of all the dimensions.  Use meditation as a doorway to infinity and beyond!

At One With the Great Central Sun – October 18, 2008

The Great Central Sun (GCS) is the infinite energy from which you were created, the core of Prime Source. There is a GSC in each of the dimensions. They are pulsating, gentle, filled with music and of flowing energy. Benu has created an 8th Chakra, the Sun Chakra, to better enable us to connect to this warming, healing, invigorating energy source. The GSC is Life Itself! When you hear the expression: “Go to the light,” this is it. Explore your infinite nature!