Benu Topics U to Z – 2007 to 2019


Understanding Today’s Changing Energies – March 10, 2018

Benu talks about the changing energies that we are experiencing on the Earth and how we can relate to them.

Verbiage: What are Your Words Affirming? – January 16, 2010

All words have energy; they are all affirmations. Words affect the environment within us and around us. Our words and thoughts become self-fulfilling prophecies, so choose your words with great care. Never use words as weapons, but only as instruments of positive change. Our increased empathic rate magnifies the influence of our thoughts and words. What are you affirming?

Vibration of Thought – July 16, 2016

Narrative to Appear Soon

Walking in the Footsteps of the Master – March 8, 2009

Walking the Line of Faith – March 21, 2009

It is easy to have faith when there are no challenges in your life, when everything is going well. But because this is the Earth plane, a planet of duality, challenges will always exist. It is your faith in God during these times of challenge is helping to make your personal journey less bumpy. Faith means unconditional love in Prime Source. If you have love, you have faith. Remember that all your lives, all of your lessons, have contributed to who you are in this moment. Faith helps you get through the chaos.

What is Illusion, What is Real?- October 16, 2010

We’ve made our illusions so strong in our lives that it is hard to see beyond them. Reality is that we are spiritual beings — made up of light and energy. Anything that involves limit or lack is illusory: aging, illness, God’s judgment, etc. Most importantly: We can change the illusion! When you really know that your are unlimited, unbounded, and eternal, you finally let go of “I can’t. I’m not good enough.”

Who’s Leading This Parade? – November 15, 2008

We often find ourselves following others without ever asking why we’re doing it. We’ve gotten used to simply following the crowd. Don’t follow a parade that doesn’t suit you. Be a parade of one. Realize your uniqueness. In times of chaos people tend to seek out the group in order to feel safe.  There is no greater support than the love and trust of God. Think for yourself.  Appreciate yourself. Get beyond the fear and the limits that tribe creates for you. Watch parades — don’t join them!

Why Did God Pick Me? – June 22, 2008

Every time you’ve incarnated you’ve chosen, along with God, all the life lessons you wish to learn. In times of great challenges and chaos on the Earth, God asks for your assistance in helping to balance the energy here.   Earth is going through massive physical changes in order to rebalance itself.   God has picked you to guide humanity through the fear and the panic that accompanies these changes. Because you don’t buy into the tribal chaos, God has asked you to help raise people’s consciousness so they may get through these challenges. Know that God chose you because you’re the best of the      best. You totally trust in a loving and benevolent God.

Yea, Though I Walk Through the Valley -March 6, 2010

This expression is generally taken out of context because you are living  on a planet of duality. Challenges create the lessons that we chose to come here to learn. There is no divine assignment other than learning — and that  means learning to love yourself and others. The valleys we face are going to be different each time. Walk through each one, learn from it, and let it go. Remember that assistance is always available to you: spirit guides; guardian angels; and all angelic beings. You’re never alone on this journey. When you are in love and gratitude, you change the valley. Trust yourself; trust God.

Your Thoughts Have A Life Of Their Own – September 22, 2007

All of our thoughts belong to us, so we are responsible for all of them. Throw out your negative thoughts, and all the baggage that goes with them. We must be sure that when we flush out the negative thoughts, that we fill the vacuum with loving, healing ones. Negative thoughts do more to age us than cigarettes or diet. Therefore, use positive thoughts to change yourself, and in doing so change the world.