Benu Topics I to O – 2007 to 2019


If You Can Remember One Thing – December 15, 2012

Of all the things to remember about life, “love” is by far the most important.   And this means that not only is God’s love for you infinite, but that your love for yourself needs to be as well. You can’t love or forgive others until you are able to love and forgive yourself. You are loved, cherished, and trusted by Prime Source. Belief matters! Believe in yourself because God always does. You need to know beyond any doubt that you have been created in God’s image, and so is everyone else. Be open to miracles — they happen everyday.

Illness, Imbalance, Healing – May 19, 2012

We’re learning that many traditional medications, such as antibiotics, are no longer very effective. Natural healing is needed: acupuncture, massage, energy healing, and herbal remedies. Pay attention to the needs of the body.  Listen to it.  Prime Source is the ultimate doctor. What you eat matters, but also realize that negative thinking greatly affects all aspects of health. When you don’t love yourself, your body reflects it. Honor your body. Don’t cloak the pain with medications. Tune into the energy of your body. Moderation!

Inspiration or Desperation: Aligning With Spirit in All Aspects of Life – October 13, 2007

You are creating your own reality as you move through life. Trust Prime  Source — you are in partnership with God. Chaos is an illusion. It’s all around you but not of you. Let things flow through you. Don’t hold on to the negativity around you. Remember — Spirit is always there to guide you.  Inspiration is everywhere if you choose to see it. You create your own reality each day. What are you creating?  Love yourself and others.  Hug often. Trust that everything is in Divine order. And be sure not to let life pass you by while you strive for spiritual growth. Enjoy the journey!

Intergalactic Changes – March 15, 2008

Humans are made up of 250 cell types that have been gifted to us from alien beings throughout the galaxies. Alien influence has been with us for millions  of years: physical, emotional, technological, and so much more. Since aliens from our galaxy are humanoid, there are always ET’s among us. They both teach us and learn from us. All beings are on the same spiritual journey.   We reside on the most loving of all planets, and many aliens visit Earth to learn more about love. There is an Intergalactic Federation that monitors these visits to avoid any conflicts. The Essenes were an alien community. Our connection is all about partnership and learning balance.

Intuition Going Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors – September 19, 2009

Children and animals use their intuition far more than adults do.  Adults have been taught by parents, teachers, religions, etc., that intuition is not   how adults should make decisions. So our intuition is clouded by the smoke and mirrors that society has created. When you trust your intuition, your inner guidance, you will transcend the limitations of 3rd Dimension. Use  your intuition and choose to be multi-dimensional. It’s a direct link to Prime   Source. Choose to amp up your intuition and explore!

Is That A Mountain or A Molehill? – September 20, 2008

Your society is created to create mountains for you. It is your job to see through the illusions to see them as the molehills they are. The media, tv          advertising, and politicians derive power and money from spreading the fear that creates more and more mountains. Surrender your fears to God. All of life is a partnership with Prime Source. Live in positive energy. Be in the divine flow. Trust yourself, and trust God. Don’t buy into the fears that are  created by “what if”. God is always in charge. Be the illusion busters!

Is There Biology of Belief? – July 18, 2009

There really is a biology of belief. Beliefs affect every cell in your body. Your beliefs, your trust in Prime Source, affect you physically and spiritually.  And your greater empathic rate can influence your belief systems. Society, media, and our willingness to follow the tribe, have been limiting our beliefs for countless generations. If you require evidence to believe, you never will.   Challenge your belief systems. Always affirm that all your needs are met, that the best possible experiences are with you always. Beliefs will change you,  and change the planet. Believe it — Create it!

Karma vs. Free Will – March 7, 2015

Narrative to be coming soon

Lessons From the Mayans, Anasazi and the Hopi – January 21, 2012

Most of you have been part of all of these native groups. Their prophecies have generally been taken out of context. While these tribes sometimes        doubted our ability to make the necessary changes to achieve societies based on love and peace, the prophecies always pointed to the creation of higher consciousness, of a new era of eternal love. The so-called end times are just referencing an end to to the times of darkness. You are bringing about the era of light and love.  You are helping humans release fear.  You are the prophecy!

Lightweaaver or Basket Weaver – May 17, 2009

You are all Light Weavers. You need to release your baskets of all the stuff  that you have been dragging with you this life — doubt, anger, fear, and most of all — judgement. Know that you are growing at an amazing rate.  Basket Weavers choose just to endure life. You have understood that you are here to  make a difference on this planet, and to do so you first need to release your    grip on your basket. You are a being of light, guiding others through the chaos. Believe and trust in yourself, in Prime Source. This is a perfect chance for learning. Live your truth, not society’s.

Living Your Life, Not Living to Please Humanity – February 19, 2011

You need to put your own needs first in order to be able to give to others. Be willing to receive God’s unconditional love, and replenish your spiritual   energy. Serving the self is not selfish. You need to embrace life.  Nurture yourself without guilt.  You must be willing to experience joy in order to give      it. To see the best in others you must first see the best in yourself.  Follow our heart, your passion. What do you choose for yourself? Don’t “live down” to other’s expectations. You don’t need the approval of tribal consciousness.  By experiencing the joys of life, you’re able to share them with others.

Love, Allowance, Trust, Surrender – March 12, 2011

Allow others to hold on to their own beliefs. Teach by example, allowing all others their own choices. The planet is always changing, and the current       Earth changes are part of this. Be good caretakers of the planet, but don’t        take responsibility for all the changes. Trust your inner guidance to stay out  of harm’s way during these chaotic times. Trust in God’s unconditional love.      You’re not meant to experience perfection on this planet. Affirm love, not fear.  Let it go, and surrender to Prime Source those things you cannot     release.

Meditation for Tuning in and Balance – October 16, 2011

Meditation is the doorway to other dimensions, to getting beyond the chaos.   It’s tuning in to the infinite, listening to God. By embracing the energy of God, you leave the chaos, the illusion, outside. When you breathe in the unconditional love of Prime Source, you experience the wholeness of the infinite universe without limits. Through meditation your empathic rate  grows. You create what you choose! In surrendering to God’s love during meditation, by experiencing the higher vibration of the silence, you go beyond earthly boundaries and enter the oneness of life.

On the Wings of Faith – March 13, 2011

In times of great challenges our faith is often shaken if we base it upon the teachings of society. Learn to use your intuition, your own sense of  connection to Prime Source. Faith is trust, even when our normal senses can’t validate God’s presence. Everything depends on faith — both in Prime Source and in ourselves. Teach by example in order to help others get out of their fear, to rise above life’s challenges. Remember that God has complete faith in you. When we hug someone we are affirming our love, trust, and faith in them.  Believe in yourself.  Be the miracle!