Benu Topics P to S – 2007 to 2019


Peace of Mind is Within and Without – December 18, 2010

It’s critical to have peace within you, no matter how chaotic things are on the outside. People too often buy into the fears and insecurities of those around them. Through the infinite love of Prime Source, you can develop absolute peace within and without. You are channeling the light and love of Prime Source, and spreading them everywhere. First learn to love yourself so that you’re then able to be a pure expression of divine love. You walk in the light of Christ. As you change yourself, you change the planet!

Power of Prayer – November 12, 2016

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Preparation for the Other Side:  Life After Life – March 6, 2016

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Practice Don’t Dictate – November 21, 2009

Practicing positivity is paramount because like attracts like. You are emissaries of light on Earth. Don’t preach it — live it; breathe it. Become the positive, loving, supportive person you are, because it is your love, your kindness that creates change. Live your truth, don’t dictate it — because dictating means judgment. Find your path and allow others to find theirs.   You create an harmonious environment through your loving energy. Give people the grace to make their own choices. Become the living example of God’s light and love, not the cruise director.

Preparation for the Other Side: Life After Life – March 6, 2016

Benu talks about what happens when we return to the Spirit World.  When we leave the body through the transition referred to as “death”, it is like leaving an old set of clothes.  We are getting rid of our Earthly body which we don’t need any more.  The body is a servant to us. We are not our bodies.  It is there to learn with.  We are the soul; the body is just a vehicle we need to experience a life on the Earth.

Prime Source, the Cosmos and the Space Time Continuum – August 15, 2009

Souls were created in order for them to share in the magnificence of Prime Source. They were multi-dimensional beings that would eventually choose to incarnate on every planet, every dimension, and as every type of being.  The Cosmos continually expands in order for consciousness to evolve.  Every incarnation expands knowledge both for the individual and Prime Source.  What we call the Cosmos is the community of every being, planet, dimension and universe. The Space-Time Continuum is an evolutionary network of  continuous change and growth — all in divine flow, in perfect balance.  Only in meditation are we able to experience timeless reality.

PS I Love You ….God – December 20, 2008

You were created as the “breath of God.” For thousands of years beings have underestimated human potential to evolve, to co-create with God. Prime Source has recently gifted you with both the Sun Chakra and a much higher empathic rate, because you are accomplishing more in this time/space than ever before. Believe that you are worthy. Know that you are absolutely secure in God’s infinite love. You choose to continue to incarnate on Earth in order   to create both change and divine balance. You’re waking up to who you really are. Release all limits! Embrace the divinity within you each day.

Quantum Trust: A Quantum Leap Into Greater Consciousness – March 7, 2009

Don’t get caught up in tribal society, in feelings of fear and doubt. Work at being a tribe of one. Quantum trust in Prime Source means you are fully experiencing unconditional love. Don’t set limits for yourself. Quantum consciousness means growing beyond all limitations. Affirm that you are in the divine flow. Regain the infinite   wonder of life. Remember: quantum trust creates quantum leaps!

Raising the Vibration of Thought – February 27, 2010

We know that negative thinking attracts negative people and situations. By raising the vibration of thought (VBT) you are changing not just yourselves, you are changing the entire planet. While you can’t totally eliminate all the Earth changes that are coming, you can lesson their impact on humanity. All the chaos is caused by the negative thinking, the fears that are all around us.  You will create harmony and peace on the Earth with a higher VBT. You are          energy beings. Radiate only positive vibrations. Positive energy helps you create ideal health. Believe and trust in yourself. It all begins with you!

Repetition: The Foundation of Growth in a Deafened Planet – August 18, 2007

Repetition is one of the most important things that you can do for spiritual growth. Because the brain is a very sluggish computer, repetition is needed.   Focus on grounding yourself through positive affirmations. I am safe.  I am balanced. I am in divine flow. Repeat it; retain it; become it.  Repetition makes your affirmations a living reality. Don’t repeat your doubts or your fears. When we feel stuck we’ve been repeating negative thoughts.  Through  positive repetition you evolve into who you really are. You change the planet.          Repetition is the doorway to eternity and beyond!

Ritual vs Reality – October 20, 2012

We have rituals for prayer, for meditation, for every aspect of our lives.  God doesn’t care what clothes you wear, how you sit or kneel, or exactly what words you say.  What matters are whether the words come from your heart.  All you need are love and gratitude.  Rituals are tribal, often based on fear.   Live the words, not the ritual.  Your reality is always changing, while ritual is static.  Don’t follow blindly. Don’t get stuck. Life is about exploring, learning, coloring outside the lines. Don’t limit yourself. What works for you?

Science, Religion and Spirituality – March 9, 2015

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Seeing the Divine in All Things – July 22, 2017

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Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Love – December 19, 2009

Prime Source has raised your empathic rate to 400%. Your connection to Prime Source is greater than it has ever been before. You’re an emanation of  love, light, and divine balance. Remember — there is no such thing as not being worthy of God’s love. Choose to be all that Prime Source intended you to be. Live — Love —Be! Be who you are, not who you’ve been told to be.   Accept no limits in your life. Remember — there’s no wrong way to grow spiritually. You can only give unconditional love to others, by first accepting it. Know who you really are — a perfect, loving, child of God.

Sliding Into Home Plate – November 3, 2012

Change your reaction to all the Earth changes. Listen to your inner guidance.   Amidst the chaos you are constantly evolving to deal with it. You decide your own future! Through positive thinking you continue to rise in spiritual consciousness. Don’t be afraid to color outside the lines. Don’t see to be part of the group. Be a tribe of one! Think; grow; change! Don’t limit yourself. Decide your own path.

Soulspeak: Connections on the Inner
Spiritual Reality – March 17, 2012

Speaking from the level of the soul is much more effective than 3rd dimensional verbiage. There is no ego, never any miscommunication. You   are the soul — on a journey of exploration to expand knowledge. Change is constant. God’s creation never ends. Speak from the level of the soul — the     inner plane  — in order to fully and clearly communicate with others. The 3rd dimension sets limits, creates our illusions. Be in the flow. Utilize the infinite energy of the soul!

Standing Tall in the Face of Adversity – March 17, 2010

There is a lot of stress, anxiety, and anger on this planet right now. Many more people are standing up for what is right, for what needs to change.          Your spiritual self is growing. You need to understand that you don’t have

to struggle through this life — despite the obstacles that face you. Don’t  doubt yourself. Society tries to convince you that can’t change yourself, or your environment. Choose to be in the divine flow and prove them wrong.  Go beyond “believing” to “knowing”. Transform yourself. Lead by example.

Standing Together in Love, Admidst All the Fears – November 1, 2008

In a world filled with chaotic changes we need to stand together, and that means beings on both sides of the veil. Allow others their own belief systems, but don’t buy into their fears. Fear allows others to control us. Band together and step beyond the illusion. Disregard all the beliefs that don’t support you, focusing only on positive change. Be a tribe of one. Believe in yourself and Prime Source. Peace begins within. Choose life; choose joy!        Your entire soul group learns from your experiences.

Stepping Back From the Precipice – August 21, 2010

You have a tendency to stand on the edge of cliffs, believing that you’re truly alive only when you do. Eliminate the doubts and the fears that get you there. Live in the love and light of God, and don’t buy into to these fears. Get rid of the “what ifs” and the judgements of self and others. Put your faith and trust in Prime Source. Don’t allow the media to push your buttons. Think — don’t react. You’re meant to stumble in life. It’s OK. The true gift of life is learning to love in all situations. Remember — God’s in charge. Fear is part of the illusion. Worrying is not living. Breathe into life; breathe into love!