Benu Topics E to H – 2007 to 2019


Earth 2 And You – August 16, 2008

Planet Earth needs you here at this time to protect it with your love, energy, and support. To do that you need to completely let go of your past.  Be only in the now.  To get to Earth 2 (E2) you must totally trust in Prime Source, to  hold only peace in your heart. Be in the chaos but not of it! There are no conflicts, no illnesses, no incapacities of any kind on E2.  You’ll be able to manifest all the things you desire. Skin colors will automatically adjust to  any climate. But you first need to create harmony and balance on this planet.  Focus on being one with all, letting go of all your attachments.

Earth Changes and the Changing Earth – September 17, 2011

There is so much more to your Earth than even the strongest satellite can  pick up. It is multi-cored with levels of energy on each layer. Any shift in any      of these layers affects the weather on the surface. Don’t get caught up in the   chaos that Earth changes will create. Focus on creating balance within. Fire,  earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and volcanoes will be increasingly common.  Care for the planet and all the life on it. You are in charge of your own   reality. All these changes are divinely orchestrated, so choose to be in the    divine flow. What can you do to make a difference on your planet?

Every Day Miracles, Miracles Every Day – January 15, 2011

Know that there is no quota on miracles in our life. Pray for them; believe in  them, and know that they are always in divine right timing. Know that you are always worthy of the miraculous gifts from Prime Source — most of   which we don’t even recognize.  Our Guardian Angels have kept us out of  harms way throughout our life. The more you believe in these miracles, the more they appear in your life. Always be grateful for these gifts.  Be the miracle by always being in the flow of life.  Believe first.  Be open.  Remember, you co-create the miracles — so create the best!

Everything Ebbs and Flows From the Silence – December 17, 2011

Silence replenishes you, nurtures you. In absolute silence, Prime Source breathed life into the universe.  Through meditation you practice the silence.   It helps you create calmness amidst the chaos. When you increase the silence      in your life, you increase your ability to love more freely. So breathe in the silence, the light, and the peace. Within the silence you are a witness to the          oneness of Prime Source, of all creation. Be the gift of love, not just to others, but to yourself. Love; hug; bless. Be in gratitude. Expect miracles.

Faith is a Key Component in Experiencing Life – March 19, 2011

All creation depends upon faith. Faith is the consciousness of God. It is both the “I am” that you experience, as well as the “I am” of Prime Source. With faith all things are possible. Without it, only obstacles exist.  Faith is the key component to getting through life. It takes you out of the chaos. The more that you believe in faith, the more you have in your life. We wouldn’t be here if Prime Source didn’t have compete faith in us. Replace fear with faith. It’s     not “I think I can”, but “I know I can”.

Flowing with the Cosmic Energies – July 17, 2010

Energies surround every planet, every dimension. Each of you is divine energy, the vibration of love. Energy flows in every aspect of your life, your thoughts, words, and actions. It makes up everything we see. Cosmic energy is the energy of creation, of the life force. Meditation automatically puts us into the flow of this energy. Breathe in these cosmic energies — for they are the breath of God. Inner peace is being in the cosmic flow. These energies are nurturing, supportive, nonjudgmental, and fearless. Embrace all life!

Forgive Them Father, For They Know Not What They Do – November 10, 2007

This is something you need to do every day — forgive and let it go. Don’t carry life’s baggage with you. Forgive the person, even though you totally     disapprove of the act. Forgiveness is the way to enlightenment because it is an expression of unconditional love. Being on Earth means learning from challenges, though these lessons can be made more gentle through meditation and prayer. You must learn to forgive yourself first. Eliminate all       judgments from your life. If you want to become “enlightened”, let go of the heavy baggage!

God Said, “Let There Be Light” – March 7, 2010

You are all beings of light. You were created as bits of luminous energy, with no limits. You are on your way to becoming multi-dimensional once again.   Your empathic rate continues to increase. You are beginning to see beyond the 3rd dimensional illusion to remember that you are energy beings. You  were created out of God’s love. Nothing can diminish your light. You are    vessels of divine light and love. All stars and planets began as sparks of light  — just like you. Embrace your light. We are all radiant!

Healing the Wounded Child Within – November 6, 2010

This planet has not been designed to be easy, but to be a place of learning. No one is going to be perfect, despite your parents’ desires. You spend the first 7 years of your life trying desperately to fit in — to your family and your society, so you accommodate the dysfunction around you. As a child you will  often blame yourself for all the problems of your parents, and then bury the feelings deep within you. You internalize the “you’re not good enough” statements you hear as a child, so as an adult you never feel worthy.  Know  that you only need to work toward your expectations, to follow your passion!

Heart and Soul – June 21, 2009

The heart is one of the most powerful connections that you will ever have  with Prime Source. When we draw a heart, the point at the bottom of the drawing is God. Divine energy is the ultimate source of the love and support that embraces each of us. Heart and soul are intimately connected — which  is why we hug heart to heart. Manifestation comes from the heart energy.  When you choose to meet someone heart to heart, there are no strangers — which is why children are so natural with each other. Your heart and soul   are the true image and likeness of God. They are the real you.

How Can You Help? – October 3, 2009

What can you do to help in these times of chaotic change? Start by setting  your priorities to be about love, family, and Prime Source, rather than about material possessions. Life is about loving and learning. You’re all in this together. Spread the energy of love, not the energy of fear. You’re beings of  light who are here to help dispel the darkness of negative thinking. You’re here to teach humanity to let go of the past, the guilt, and the fear.  First, eliminate the doubt in your own life. Let people know that they are never alone. And always know that you are making the world a better place.

How to Practice Unconditional Love – March 5, 2016

We are needing unconditional love on this planet at this time because of all the changes going on. The planet is going from the 3rd dimension to the 4th dimension. Now is the time for everyone to deal with the issues we have been carrying from the past. It is challenging for us to live with unconditional love. Learn how we can break the old belief patterns.