Inspirational Speaking


Inspirational Speaking is one of the spiritual abilities that can be developed with dedication, hard work and trust.  It is not a spiritual gift as some may say.  It is an ability to be developed under the right intentions.

Fourteen years ago, my Spirit Doctor spoke to me and said, “We don’t want you to prepare talks anymore.  Trust me and I will inspire you with the information to bring forth to your audiences.”  From that moment on, I have not prepared any talks for the Sunday church services at the Center nor for any of the speaking engagements I’ve had in the U.S. or England.  Conservatively, that would amount to over 800 talks. It used to take hours and hours to research a topic and then find enough information to speak somewhat intelligently about in a 20 minute talk. And then I would have to keep glancing at my notes to be sure I got everything.

Now, just before I stand up to speak, my Spirit Doctor will communicate mentally with me to give me the topic or subject that he has chosen to use for the talk.  He has an uncanny way of accessing the needs and interests of the audience and then incorporating into the talk, information that will help audience members. Frequently I will hear someone say after the service, “That talk was just what I needed to hear.” Or “That talk was for me.”

Initially I would be inspired with what seemed like paragraphs of material.  Over time as they have worked with me, the information now comes in chapters.  It is amazing to me to be a part of this process.  From the weekly Sunday services at the Center to speaking at Lily Dale at their 2:30 pm service in the Auditorium in the summer to speaking to 80 people at a Cober Hill Conference, my Spirit Doctor has never let me down.  Literally it is a matter of trusting him to be there and to be prepared. Together, we make a great team!